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The support of B. Okudzhava Museum in Peredelkino


In the fall of 2013, our company became friends with the State memorial Museum of Bulat Okudzhava in Peredelkino.
The work of the great Soviet poet, composer and writer did not lose its relevance and popularity. A welcoming Museum, located in a Peredelkino is a quiet island with a a unique and charming atmosphere. All year round the staff the Museum carry out various activities, which are attended by famous actors, friends and numerous admirers of Bulat Shalvovich Okudzhava art. Visitors gather in the garden under a colorful tent, sing songs, read poems, organize performances and concerts.
When we offered the Museum our help, we were surprised how little attention the state paid to this place of pilgrimage of a huge number of fans of one of the brightest representatives of the genre of art song. The Museum staff asked us to improve the playground in the garden. Unfortunately It becomes wet and muddy beneath the feet of the guests in the bad weather. And although it doesn’t spoil the overall atmosphere and mood, still uncomfortable from the fact that benches and tables are in puddles.
Top-management and a large number of our employees are also one of the admirers of the great poet. We were happy to help and make friends with the Museum of B. Okudzhava in Peredelkino, and his mistress Olga Vladimirovna, energetic woman, passionate and extraordinary. It is especially pleasant that we made friends with the Museum in anticipation of 90th anniversary of the birthday of Bulat Okudzhava.
We sincerely hope that our friendship will be long and fruitful.

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