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RWM Capital Investment Group is one of the leaders of private equity, real estate investments and asset management spheres. The Group has successfully completed more than 40 investment projects, in different sectors of the economy.

In the context of real estate investments the company manages more than 200 thousand square meters of premises for various purposes, including: more than 130 000 m2 of office space in the best business centers of «A» and «A-premium» class in Moscow; 28 000 m2 of warehouses, more than 13 000 m2 of residential property, 20 000 m2 of social facilities and in the sports infrastructure, more than 1 600 hectares of land for various purposes in the Moscow region.

For projects in the sphere of venture investments the Group created RWM Capital Venture Investments fund, that works on the principle of the accelerator and provide all necessary support in the process of constructing and business management, and assistance in attracting the next round of funding. At the moment, RWM Capital Venture Investments has totally invested more than $2 million.

The structure of the Investment group includes the same name asset management company that offers services of management of closed-end mutual funds of private equity, real estate, high-risk (venture) investment and of mixed investment. Now our asset management company manages 19 mutual fund and one endowment fund. The net asset value of funds at 31.12.2019 amounts to more than RUB 47 billion.

Reputation, professionalism of the management and the reliability of the company confirmed the high rating positions and the recognition of the professional and business community. By the end of 2019 RWM Capital Asset Management has 11th place in the ranking of the largest asset management companies by the net asset value of closed-end mutual funds (Expert RA), 24th in the ranking of management companies by the volume of assets under management (Kommersant). The rating of reliability and quality of services of the company according to Expert RA is confirmed at the highest level — «A».

Our Investment group is always open for cooperation. Professionals of RWM Capital take up the case of any complexity and always ready to offer a unique and interesting solution for customers, partners, investors and business owners.

Sincerely yours,

Sergey Orlov,

Chairman of the Board of Directors of RWM Capital Investment Group