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The management and the staff of «RWM Capital» Investment group help to raise funds for the implementation of various charitable projects with a crowdfunding platform . We invite You to join this action. It is interesting to help TOGETHER! Just click any projects link placed on this page to get more information about the project and payment details.

We are not only post the link to the project on a but also announce a wide circle of our friends, acquaintances, clients and partners via e-mail. If you want to tell your friends not only about the specific project but also in general about our campaign through social networks, you can post this page.

Here you can also learn more about the way to organize the fundraising for your project and to attract attention of wider range of people. Registration of the project will take you quite a little time, but helps to attract attention of a large circle of concerned people.

We are sure that our cooperation will be fruitful.

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